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Our Services

At Paul Simon Residential Sales we view our position of advising people seriously! We are of the opinion both buyers and sellers seek advice which than can have faith in, and this place a heavy responsibility upon each staff member to only give advice which can be trusted and relied upon in what is often a fast changing market - one often influence by many international factors which none of us can either envisage or control.

As advisers we seek to be impartial as well as realistic of current market factors.

Our Service are designed principally to offer both reliable and consistent advice in what is often a turbulent market place. Whether you are a “buyer” or “seller” the top priority for you is "reliability" of the advice you are given. Our staff spend a great deal of time accumulating not only local knowledge but studying the markets local and nation trends so as to always be in a position to give you only the best and most reliable advice.

Often both “buyer” or “seller” seeks additional information linked to aspects of buying and selling and whilst we have a wealth of information at our finger tips occasional we may be stumped! assured we will know someone who does and can!

                                                            Tel: 020 8800 1177                                  E-mail: